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Author: Tee Quillin

Theatre and Cinema Work at Missouri Western

  |   Acting   |   2 Comments

Here’s a little look at some of the Theatre and Cinema work I’ve been doing at Missouri Western.

First, we shot a couple of web commercials for TheManRegistry.com.  These spots were used as part of a national marketing campaign on their website. I helped with the audio post-production on both of these and I was in one of them.

These I did post-production audio work on…

These are some of the television commercials we did for last year’s theatre productions. I provided the voice-over for several of these.

Finally, we decided to show what one of my acting classes is really and truly like…

There is much more to come. I’ll post them here as they are done!

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A Little Light Breakfast Conversation

  |   Husbandry   |   1 Comment

Ian: (to Mom as Dad is putting his breakfast dishes away) Kids grow up?

Mom: (to Ian) That’s right, Ian, kids grow up.

Ian: And parents get more kids?


Mom: No…Ian, no more kids for your parents…

Enter Morgan fashionably late and looking fabulous.

Morgan: (to anyone as Dad is exiting to get a shower and get dressed for the day) What? No more kids?

Dad: (as he exits) No more brothers or sisters for you and Ian.

Morgan (satisfied with this answer): Oh, okay.

PauseDad continues downstairs.

Morgan (to Mom): Hey, Mom?  How do babies get produced into bellies?

Dad turns the shower on and takes his last nice, long hot shower as the father of a totally innocent little girl.


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Umm…When Did This Happen?

  |   Husbandry   |   1 Comment

The following conversation took place between my wife and I earlier today:

Her:  Why is all this laundry sorted out in separate piles?

Me:  Because that’s how you’re supposed to do laundry.

Her:  …  (grumpy face)

This is also after I got home from SETC to find that she had done laundry by just throwing everything into the washer and turning it on.  Also, drying (partially) everything all together, too.

Have I spoiled her so much by doing the laundry that she has totally forgotten all this stuff?  I have actually told her to step away from the laundry and to get out of the kitchen (when I’m cleaning it).  She is spoiled absolutely rotten.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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A long time…

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17 years ago tomorrow, Bekah and I will celebrate our first date. Some of you might ask what we are planning for our celebration. Well, it’s funny. We’re going to spend it apart. She’s going down to Chattanooga to hang out with some old friends from high school and I’m staying here to work on audiobooks.

Happy Anniversary, Bekah! I’m glad you have finally reconnected with your high school friends. I know you’re going to have a great time!

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New Favorite

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I know you’re tired of hearing this, but…sorry it’s been so long.  I had surgery on my heel and recovery has seemed slow (even though the doctor tells me that recovery is happening at a very quick pace).  I have no excuse.  I’ve been sitting still with my foot in an AirCast for almost a month now.

Anyway, here’s the reason for this post:


This is my new favorite picture of Bekah.  I know it’s not a recent shot of her, but this picture has meaning that goes much deeper.  First of all, the picture was taking just before she graduated from high school.  She’s sitting in her grandmother’s living room.  That living room now happens to be our living room.  We bought our home from her when she moved to Louisiana a couple of years ago.  Second, Bekah is sitting in a chair that we also inherited as part of the purchase of the home.  That chair now sits in our bedroom reading area.  Third and finally, it’s a beautiful picture of her.

I found this picture while going through some pictures at her parents’ house a couple of months ago.  We scanned them in so she could post a bunch of them on Facebook.  I liked this picture right away just because of her, but when I finally got a chance to look at it, I realized exactly what I was looking at.  The chair she’s sitting in in the picture is in almost the exact same place facing in almost the exact same angle and sitting in the very same room as the chair that I sit in as I type these words.

A whole lot has happened since this photograph was taken.  She met me and, thankfully, fell in love with me.  How I pulled that one over on her, I’ll never know.  We married, moved to Dallas for a while, got me though grad school, had two beautiful children, and have since moved back to where it all began.  This picture for me, represents a very concrete definition of the phrase “full circle.”

Anyway, I’m sentimental and romantic that way and just thought I had to share.

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