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told ya

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So, today is the day apparently.

I’m taking just a moment to let you know that I just booked a commercial for Krystals.  It’s a regional buyout so, chances are, you’ll see it.  From what I know of it so far, it feels like a football season-type commercial.  For now, I’m frantically getting ready for my wardrobe fitting which is in about two hours yet nearly an hour’s drive away.  Oh yeah, and scrambling for daycare for the shoot tomorrow.

Film at 11…

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Updates galore!

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Just before Christmas, I had a first for me:  a modeling shoot!  Mid-December, I was sitting in a room at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville posing for the camera as though we were having a business meeting.  Pretty cut and dried.  I did get a cool new shirt out of the whole thing!  Oh yeah, and they paid me really money, which is cool.

In other news, I’ve been asked (and have accepted) to be a charter member of the repertory company with Green Room Projects in Nashville.  This is the same group that co-produced the October production of Hamlet.  In other good news, there are going to be a couple more performances of Hamlet in the Middle Tennessee area in the coming months!  My first production as a company member of Green Room Projects is going to be Tuesdays With Morrie.  If you don’t know the book, I’ll let you guess which part I’ll be playing.

There’s a possibility of some directing work coming down the pike, too.  I’ll keep you posted on that either here or over at The Mirror Up To Nature (and the podcast).

I also had two more auditions yesterday; one for a CMT Promo Spot with Jimmy Kup Casting, the other for a feature film which will be shot in Nashville in a couple of months with Casting Director Jo Doster.

The podcast continues to grow and we’ve got some pretty neat stuff in the works to announce in 2007.  Be on the lookout for that!

Christmas with the family was wonderful.  Bekah and I celebrated our 11th anniversary by painting accent walls in our house and unpacking boxes of stuff that hadn’t seen the light of day since we left Texas over two years ago.  And, let me tell you there’s nothing more romantic than being covered in paint and packing peanuts for your anniversary.  H – O – T!

This weekend I’m off to Memphis to do a couple of Shakespeare workshops for high school students and to run the Tennessee Governor’s School of the Arts auditions.

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Tennessee Lottery Sunrise

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This was what I was treated to early this morning when I arrived on location to shoot a Tennessee Lottery commercial at the Elm Hill Marina on J. Percy Priest Lake in Nashville.  The cameras started rolling almost precisely at 6am and the whole shoot went off pretty much without a hitch.  The only stumbling blocks came as the 9:00 hour approached and the temps started to rise and the glare off the water started to hit the perfect angle to always be in our eyes.  Oh yeah, in addition to the near 100 degree temps on the docks, I was wearing jeans, a dark blue t-shirt, my hiking boots, and a flannel overshirt!

The commercial will air statewide in Tennessee and in some surrounding markets.  It might even be played in the Huntsville market for the hometown folks.  If not, I’ll podcast it after it hits the air in September.

Anyway, special thanks to Holly at FilmHouse, Director Bruce Van Dusen, and everyone at Dan Williams Music and Motion!  A special shout out to Josh Childs who played my older brother in the commercial.  He and I had a ball improvising some of the reaction shots.

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