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Bristol My Ride

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Very special thanks to the guys at Stray Dog Productions for getting these spots to me.  Somewhere out there, there is a radio spot based on the same thing.  If I can get my hands on that, I’ll post it here, too.

Anyway, this was a blast to shoot and I think it turned out rather nice.

Here are both the :30 and the :60 spots.  Enjoy.

(Oh yeah, if you are picking this up off of the iTunes feed, you’re only going to see the :60 spot.  You’ll have to go to www.teequillin.com to see the :30.)

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TN Lottery Spot…Take 2

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Okay, so I finally got around to seeing my own commercial running on TV and I have to say, Gabe, you were right.  The version that’s running on TV is slightly different from the ones that the agency sent me.  The changes in the edit are miniscule, but if you are looking, they are there.  Take a look for yourself…
Thanks to Melissa Wald for grabbing this cut of it via TiVo!  (Unofficially speaking, I was on Oprah!)

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“The Sport Boat”

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So, Monday 9/11 marks a historical day in American history: My TN Lottery spot hits the air all across the state. It seems like there’s something else going on that day, but I just can’t remember what it is…
Anyway, I promised all of you a copy of it when I got it. Well, here it is. There are two versions of the spot on this podcast. I’m not sure how they will be rotated (if at all).

Thanks again to my agent, Josh, who is fantastic, Holly at FilmHouse, Director Bruce Van Dusen, and everyone at Dan Williams Music and Motion for making this one of the most pleasant days of work I’ve had in a long time.

Oh yeah, thanks to my fellow actor, Josh, for making me look good…

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Utah Shakes 2001

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Several years ago, I was fortunate enough to have the life-changing experience of working with the Utah Shakespearean Festival’s 2001 Summer Season.  I had the time of my life, worked with some amazing actors, and made some very close friends.  I put together this little slideshow of my experiences out there.  I more or less put it together for my family, but I thought it was worthy of my podcast, too.

Photography by myself and Jeffrey Nauman.


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From Guadalcanal to Tokyo: Foreward

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This podcast was my first foray into the world of recording audiobooks.  My grandfather had written and self-published his memoirs, so I took it upon myself to record his audiobook.  I presented the first CD copy of the audiobook to him as a Christmas present several years ago.  This podcast is the foreward and acknowledgements to that book.

If you are interested purchasing a copy of the book or the full audiobook, e-mail me and I’ll give you details about where you can purchase a copy.  Enjoy!

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Ladies and Gentlemen…I present…Morgan!

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I’m sure we’ll look back on this in the coming years and talk about this as her debut performance.  She was absolutely riveting.  See for yourself (you’ll need to be logged in as a premium subscriber to view it – Log in or create a new username)…

(UPDATE – For those of you who subscribe to my PodCast via iTunes, this video will not show up.  I’m working on it…)

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my first podcast

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So, I’m only about 5 years behind the times. I only got my first iPod about a month and a half ago (even though I’ve had other mp3 players long before that) and I’m captivated by the podcast. I have subscribed to so many of the free ones through iTunes that I have trouble finishing them all before more downloads take place.

Anyway, I know that WordPress 2.0 and higher (the blog software that runs this site) supposedly make podcasting a snap, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Here is a link. It’s the link to my first podcast. However, if you want to put it on your iPod with relative ease, I suggest you subscribe to my RSS feed through iTunes and let the software work its magic.

I’m interested in getting the feedback on this one.

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