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So, we got out of bed this morning and rushed out the door only to realize that we were an HOUR early. Bekah had already rushed out the door and was in her car on the way to work and I was trying to get the kids ready to rush out, too.

Bekah called me to tell me of our (my) error. So, I suggested that we meet somewhere to eat breakfast together. So, we converged on the local Hardees and sat down to a nice breakfast.

As we were wrapping up, a nice elderly lady sat at the table next to us and started talking to our kids. Do we all, as we get older become grandparents to every child that ever existed? Anyway, she sat down and immediately started making paper dolls for both of the kids with the newspaper she was carrying. Another elderly man sat at a table near us and Ian immediately went over and sat next to him and started chatting to him the best that he could. It was an older man who was hard of hearing listening to a young man who is still working on his speech delay. A match made in heaven, right?

These two were apparently two of the Hardees breakfast regulars and they were incredibly nice and I think it made everyone’s day a little brighter.

It just reminded me of why I love to live in the South.

Have a great day.

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Morgan’s First Day of Preschool

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So, today was Morgan’s first day of Preschool. Not as many tears as I expected, which I guess is good. Morgan just decided that she was going to have fun and that was that. She walked right into class and told us, “Okay! Bye, Mommy and Daddy! I love you!” and started playing with Play Doh. We all made it just fine. Ian wanted to get down and play, too, but we decided that was a bad idea. He was not happy about that.

Anyway, if you are family or friends, and already have a login to the gallery, all of the pictures from this morning are online. (If you don’t have a login, you won’t be able to see them!)

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the podcast…

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I’m not sure exactly what’s been going on, but there’s been some issues with my podcast via iTunes lately.  I’m still working on getting it fixed.  The frustrating thing is that it looks like it should be working fine.

I’ll make sure to let you know when it’s back up and running.  Sorry for the trouble!


Well, it seems I got it working.  Please let me know if you have any problems with the podcast through iTunes!  Thanks!


Now iTunes is not listing the podcast.  You can still subscribe to it “manually” with the podcast RSS feed until I can get this straightened out.  Sorry!


Got it fixed.  It was a problem with the WordPress plugin I’m using to manage my iTunes feed.  The iTunes button is now working again (if you have iTunes loaded).  Thanks for your patience!

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I feel loved…

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Believe it or not, iTunes has decided to add me to their list of podcasts.  I can’t promise that they will be posted with any regularity, but at least I’m listed so you’ll find me on your iPod under the podcasts menu if you decide to take it that far.

You can always just come to the website and download the podcasts individually, you can also find me on iTunes.  This icon, Click to Add Tee to your iPod!, will reside on the left menu bar.  Understand that this is only for people who have iTunes loaded on their computer!!

See you on the podcast…

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more updates…

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Me and my GranddadFor those of you who already knew this will be old news (sorry): My grandfather is doing much better. He was in the hospital for nearly 10 days last week and they weren’t really sure what was wrong with him…except for the fact that he had the flu which deteriorated into pneumonia. All of that in addition to his weakened heart and diabetes. The doctors weren’t giving him much of a chance, but I don’t think they took into consideration his underlying strength. He fought it back enough to get himself back to his own home.

Bekah and I went to see him last weekend and I was scared by what I saw. His color was just not right and it took him a few minutes to recognize me. On one hand, I do worry about him and yet, on the other hand, he is a Marine. He survived Guadalcanal during WWII for crying out loud! He was talking about how he was going to write another book about hospitals and how much he hated them! He never let his sense of humor leave him. He was obviously in pain yet, his primary goal was to make sure that those around him were in good spirits and had a smile on their faces.

He is the strongest man I know. I don’t think he will ever know exactly how much he means to me. If I can grow up to be half the man he is, I will consider myself a very lucky man. He is my inspiration and my role model. I love him so very much. And I almost couldn’t handle the fact that he was spouting parental advice to me (as though he’d never see me again) as we were leaving his hospital room. I just kept telling him that I’d see him at his house very soon.

He’s back at home now and is doing better. He’s still very weak, but at least he’s not stuck in a hospital anymore. For that, I’m thankful.

Incidentally, his book From Guadalcanal to Tokyo is available. E-mail me for more information on how to order a copy.

In other website news, I’ve finally gotten my performance resume and curriculum vitae online. You can find them in the list of links to the right. For now, the CV is only in .pdf format (you’ll need to have Acrobat Reader to see them), but I am working on the webview version.

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my summer projects…

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So, I’ve had this site online for nearly a month now and I guess it’s time I put a little something on it other that just the “Hey Check Back Soon” post. Here’s a little bit of what I’ve got going on this summer.

In June be on the lookout for a Bristol Motor Speedway (running regionally in the Southeast) with my mug on it. I’ll try to get it linked here as quickly as I get it in my hot little hands.

I’ve just finished my first year as a university professor and I loved every last second of it. There is something so free about being in a classroom where the students have a vested interest in the class (even if the class is just one that they have to have to graduate). They were attentive and respectful. I even conviced a couple of them to change their major!

Summer projects for me include continuing to update this site and my other two sites that I’m running: The Mirror Up To Nature and the MTSU Theatre and Dance website. The latter is in desperate need of an update. That’s the next thing on my list. I’m also going to be continuing to work on my book. It’s going to be a non-fiction book on Shakespearean Performance. Obviously, I’ll be posting updates on my progress here and on Mirror Up To Nature. My agent continues to send me out on auditions in the Nashville market, so hopefully there will be other work to announce in that respect as well.

I’ll also be continuing to post DVD reviews on NeedCoffee.com and I might even get around to continuing Ginger’s adventure over at Dark Blue Monstropolis. God knows I’ve been needing to get her out of the situation she’s in.

As you can see, I’ve added the random photo grabber thingy to the left. It’s pulling random images from my photo gallery. So far, I’ve uploaded my headshots (both past and current) and some images from some productions I’ve done. I’m working on getting some embedded links to some video of the commercials and industrials I’ve done as well.

Oh yeah, I’ll also be posting some fairly random stuff up here as well. Stuff that really doesn’t have anything much to do with my acting career, but has more to do with my hobbies and/or my family. Big news on the family front right now is that Bekah is starting a new job tomorrow with Thomas Nelson Publishing. I can hear her rummaging around the bedroom right now getting herself ready for her first day. It’s a great job and she’s really excited about it. I know she’s destined for great things. It’s just another one of those things that makes it clearer that we were meant to leave Texas (even though we miss the people there horribly). The class that were Freshmen my first year at Newman Smith High School are graduating this year and I was doing everything in my power to try to get back out there to see them, but it just didn’t happen.

So, this site is up and running and I will be updating it regularly. Thanks for stopping by! Pull up a chair and have a cold one!

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