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blankets hearts

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For those of you who know my daughter very well, you know that she has had a blanket that her Ma-Maw made her since the day she was born.  She has slept with it every night of her life and it is essential that we make sure that we know where it is at all times.  As such, “Blankets Hearts” (so dubbed by Her Royal Highness) has (already) seen better days.  It was starting to develop a few holes near the edges.

If I were to write an eBay description of Blankets Hearts (God forbid), it would look like this:

Blankets Hearts is approximately 3’x2′.  It’s mostly a white piece of cotton flannel with a pattern of tiny hearts of varying colors (mostly pinks and purples).  The trim is pink satin that is absolutely perfect for rubbing between your fingers for that “made with love” comfort feeling. 

Today, we had to send Blankets Hearts back to Ma-Maw (under my daughter’s close supervision) to be repaired.  However, when I picked her up this afternoon, I was surprised to find Blankets Hearts 2.0 in my daughter’s possesion.

Tonight I receieved this e-mail from my mother-in-law:

Just wanted you two to know about Morgan’s heart blanket.

…we were at Wal Mart in fabric section.  She saw the hearts fabric just like her blanket!!!  So I talked her into me making her a new one but this time she picked out for it to have purple (really lavender) trim.  She was so cute hugging and kissing the fabric.  So when we got home we made it.  Yes we made it.

I showed her how to step on the sewing machine pedal and I would say “go” and she’d put the juice to the pedal and then when I said “stop” she’d stop.  We had the best time and has sparked in her to sew.  I told her she had to be 6 years old before she could do it by her self. 

Any way I talked her into leaving old blanket here and took new one home.

 So, tonight is the trial run with the new blanket.  She has been perfectly happy with the blanket so far and I’m sure it will continue to help her through the night.  I may be posting something in the middle of the night if it doesn’t work out. 

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