This was my very last theatre production with Missouri Western State University and, unfortunately, one of the last productions of their Department of Theatre, Cinema, and Dance. The following year, the university’s new president made some sweeping and draconian cuts to the entire campus. Sadly, the Theatre and Dance portions of this department did not survive.

I am very proud of this production and can’t thank this cast and crew enough for sending me off on such a high note. The power of this story is something I hope they carry with them for a long time. There is no way any of us could have known the timeliness and importance of its message as a foreshadowing of the days to come for the university.


Scenic Designer: Ben Smith and Abby Wolff (faculty supervisor: Jeff Stover)

Technical Direction: Michael Scroggs

Lighting Design: Jeff Stover

Sound Design: Tee Quillin

Costume Design: Cassie Hoppas

Photography: Manon Halliburton